mon2Red Alert: Monsanto’s Minions Move to Terminate Your Right to Know

Could Monsanto slip an amendment or rider into the 2013 Farm Bill that would wipe out any state GMO labeling law? Word on the street is that the world’s biggest Biotech bully is contemplating just such a move. The word from millions of consumers? Any member of Congress who even thinks about supporting Monsanto’s efforts to stomp on states’ rights to label GMOs should start packing their bags today.

There’s trouble in Monsanto Nation. Scientists are sounding the alarms, more loudly and more frequently, about the dangers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). They’re exposing biotech’s false promises of aiding farmers, feeding the world’s hungry and reducing the volume of pesticides unleashed into the environment. Meanwhile, the Vermont House just overwhelmingly passed a state GMO labeling law. Maine and Washington State are poised to follow. But don’t expect Monsanto to roll over. Emboldened by its success earlier this year in gaining immunity from federal courts, through the Monsanto Protection Act, Monsanto now wants to take audacity to a new level with an unprecedented power grab that strikes at the heart of democracy.

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What is Monsanto? What You Don’t Know Might Hurt You

This last question is particularly troublesome, as Americans have been strong and healthy for centuries, consuming foods produced without any kind of bioengineering intervention whatsoever. Today, cancer rates are higher, obesity is at an all-time high thanks to mass-produced foods filled with hidden sugars, and kids are encouraged to eat brightly colored foods flavored with chemicals and coated with sweeteners. Organic food co-ops, like Los Angeles-based Rawsome and Ohio’s Manna Storehouse have been targeted in raids by armed food police wearing law enforcement uniforms, and small farms across the country have been targeted as well.

Without a doubt, we are sure to hear even more news in months and years to come. The Center for Food Safety is currently working to promote more sustainable agriculture and organic food production. One of the biggest concerns they have is one that might concern you, too. There are currently no labeling requirements concerning genetically modified ingredients in processed foods, nor are there labeling requirements for genetically modified whole produce. What’s in your cupboards, and in your refrigerator? What are you eating at your favorite restaurant this weekend? What’s in the school lunches your kids are consuming? Don’t you want to know?

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mon1The evil of Monsanto and GMOs explained: Bad technology, endless greed and the destruction of humanity

Artificial manipulation of nature rather than honoring of nature.

Instead of working with the beauty, the genius and the abundance that has already been engineered into nature, Monsanto seeks to violate nature, overriding healthy plant genes with poison genes that generate insecticides right inside the crops.

Instead of honoring the natural ability of seeds to reproduce generation after generation, Monsanto develops “terminator seed” technology that causes seeds to self-terminate after one generation. This, by itself, is a heinous crime against nature, humankind and planet Earth. It is a crime worse than the Nazi holocaust, for terminator seeds threaten ALL human life on our planet… billions of lives are threatened by the behavior of Monsanto.

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger




It’s on! Farmers begin suing Monsanto over genetic pollution of wheat crops

(NaturalNews) The next wave of farmer backlash against Monsanto has just been unleashed by Ernest Barnes, a wheat farmer in Morton County, Kansas. He filed suit this week in the U.S. District Court in Wichita, Kansas, alleging that Monsanto’s genetic pollution has financially damaged himself and other farmers

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

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‘Monsanto Protection Act’: 5 Terrifying Things To Know About The HR 933 Provision

The “Monsanto Protection Act” is the name opponents of the Farmer Assurance Provision have given to this terrifying piece of policy, and it’s a fitting moniker given its shocking content.

President Barack Obama signed a spending bill, HR 933, into law on Tuesday that includes language that has food and consumer advocates and organic farmers up in arms over their contention that the so-called “Monsanto Protection Act” is a giveaway to corporations that was passed under the cover of darkness.There’s a lot being said about it, but here are five terrifying facts about the Farmer Assurance Provision — Section 735 of the spending bill — to get you acquainted with the reasons behind the ongoing uproar:

By Connor Adams Sheets