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Your Children: Free Thinkers or Socialist-Owned Cogs?

(Blog) – An opinion editorial by Glenn Jacobs in [the] Daily Caller says that the Common Core should be renamed the “Lowest Common Denominator.” He suggests that American schools have been scientifically designed to prevent over-education, thus “ensuring workers who will never be tempted to better their stations in life.”

What do you think of that?

Considering the fact that common core creator Jason Zimba admitted that Common Core only prepares graduates for 2-year nonselective colleges or vocational careers, and considering the fact that top common core validation committee members refused to sign off on the standards; and considering the fact that career-orientation is one of the primary reasons that the younger children must now face common core tests, I really agree.

Glenn Jacobs also writes:

“Common Core is designed to churn out young people who will be educated enough to work, consume, and pay taxes, but who are not encouraged to be creative, or to use critical thinking, or to develop anything remotely characteristic of those who possess superior minds and the ability to achieve great things…. it should be students, not bureaucrats, who determine what path their lives take: be it as workers, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, architects, artists, or whatever.”

Of course. It should be up to the student, not up to a force-fed common test, and up to the government’s latest “need” list.

But nowadays, superior minds and the ability to truly achieve are damnable qualities in education reformer circles where collective, business-and-governmentally shared, top down control, are valued. Equity and equality and redistribution are the trendy words in education, far above concepts like individual superior achievement or individual worth. But what made America so great? Liberty. People showing off. People magnifying their gifts, not slowing down to fit into a common denominator.

Truly great achievements won’t happen in the educational future without freedom. Yet our Utah leaders fail to guard against these losses of freedom in education. The reformers want equity and equality so desperately that they are willing to sacrifice liberty and innovation– or maybe, they don’t realize that they have sacrificed it. But think it through: equity as defined by new U.S. Dept. of Education reports, now means forced, mandated redistribution of all things, including teachers, principals, standards, tests and money.

This sameness, the one-size-for-all that claims to ensure that no one can fail only ensures that no one can soar. This is their terrible plan.

It is, unapologetically, communism.

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Stop the rush to the Common Core

The growing backlash against coast-to-coast standards is perfectly justified

There are good reasons a backlash is now in full swing.

First, creation and adoption of these standards has violated the traditions of open debate and citizen control that are supposed to undergird public schooling.

Though preliminary drafts of the standards were released to the public, the standards were written behind closed doors by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers — private organizations — and copyrighted. There is also no public record of the meetings available.

Adoption was then strong-armed by the Obama administration via Race to the Top and No Child Left Behind waivers that the feds granted states.

By Neal Mccluskey , Williamson Evers AND Sandra Stotsky / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

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Why is the Department of Education and Common Core Gutting our Children’s Privacy Protection?

The people at Stop Common Core believe that the end game is to provide human capital for the global labor market. In this scenario, government would manage the economy and provide labor for the entities that the government determines. This approach is very similar to how the Soviets and the Nazis pre-selected children to fulfill the future that the government planned. The Soviets used to call this a GOSPLAN. In this vision, the individual exists to serve the government. Stop Common Core believes that this vision is in sharp contrast to the traditional American approach to education where a child learns individual responsibility, and is endowed by our Constitution with individual liberty to pursue his or her dreams


Part 1 of 5 Stop the Common Core: PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE

Common core is an attempt by the Federal government, in cooperation with big corporations and influential entities, to prescribe what students are to think, instead of education being teaching students how to think.

Education needs to be removed from the influence of central planners and returned to those with the greatest stake in the children, parents and teachers!







Common Core: What’s Hidden Behind the Language

The American Principles Project released an analysis last year of Common Core, exposing the duplicitous language. Common Core describes itself as “internationally benchmarked,” “robust,” “aligned with college and work expectations,” “rigorous,” and “evidence-based.” None of this is true.

By Rachel Alexander