Children of the Father of Lies:

Children of the Father of Lies:

It is interesting to note that the Scriptures not only call Satan the Father of Lies but go a step even further and declare that their is no truth in him. The genetic markers of such a being would be very interesting to explore to see if their might be evidence of an actual gene that would produce such proclivities. But then again we already have the testimony of Scripture and the declaration of the progeny to the lies and the liar himself. What we did not have at the time was the record of digital photography and television to assure us an ability to review lies, liars, deceivers and deception in the act of doing what they do best. That is until Hilary Clinton took the stand.

How far we have departed from those whose first duty was to acknowledge their responsibilities when failure was evident in the discharge of those duties. In the grand tradition of honor required of those who serve in the military the dodging of responsibility or the obfuscatory maneuvering that liars rely upon would never be conscienced. But today is a different day and the door has been thrown wide open to those whose commitment is not to truth but to convenience, not to honor but to self service, not to loyalty to the nation but to their own self preservation.

Rather than go on and on let me just reflect on the path that is now the broad highway of permission to deceive that the world has seen us give to a liar, a deceiver and a thief. Never once was she called a liar as was needed. What was called for in honoring those who died deserted and yet determined in their duty has been answered not with silence but with a cacophony of shrill noise akin to the fingernails drawn down the blackboard that seer the nerves and grate on the senses. We have been witness to betrayal and loss of trust. We have broken faith with those whose duty was clear and whose dedication backed by their very lives. We let them die and will allow those complicit in their murders to go free, unpunished.

The black arm bands worn by those who weep for lost loved ones needs to be replaced by the color red to indicate the blood that is on our collective hands. Treason of this magnitude dishonors the entire nation and renders us shamed across the globe.

– Dr. Jim Garrow –

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