Stop Christian Genocide

They came for us and now they will come for you!

Right now there are “20 Chaldean Christian” refugees at the Otay Mesa Detention Center in San Diego who must be freed. They have arrived at the US-Mexico border via an “underground railroad” seeking asylum from persecution and liquidation. We must not welcome the victims of genocide from behind the bars of a prison. The time to stand is NOW!

The “Chaldean 20” continues to sit on the doorsteps of America. In reach of a dream so close, yet so distant. How can we continue to treat our Christian brothers and sisters like this?

I’m very critical of the United States government for allowing more Muslims than Christians into this country, because they really should pay closer attention to the plight of these refugees who have been persecuted overseas,” said Taimoorazy, an Assyrian Catholic who fled Iran as a refugee in the late 1980s and found asylum in the United States.

According to the data compiled by ICRC, the U.S. admitted 25,014 refugees from Iraq from the start of 2014 to June 30, 2015. Even though ISIS swept into Mosul and the Nineveh Plain — Iraq’s Christian heartland — in June 2014, during this 18-month period, only 21% of Iraqi refugees (more than 5,000) coming to the U.S. were Christian, while more than 79% were Muslim. The data shows that, in 2007, when Christians were caught in the cross fire of Iraq’s civil war, close to 57% of Iraqi refugees coming to the U.S. were Christian, while more than 40% were Muslim. But that year, only 2,631 refugees were admitted from Iraq.



Join US in calling for their swift and immediate release of the “Chaldean 20.” Call your senator, call your representative and tell them to pass HR 1568 & release the Christians of the Middle East. Tell your pastor, call–in to radio and media outlets. We must stand with our brothers and sisters who are being killed.  Christian Lives Matter; we are the Christian Liberty Party Contact:

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