Who will defend Christian? The New Christian Liberty Party

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 5:00pm PST, Christians in America wake-up and call-in if, you are in Gods army, help save your country (347) 826-7353

Wake Up all you Christians in America. Democrat or Republican leave your color and party at the door. This is for Christians first and politics later. I don’t care if we offend you or not, it’s time to wake up and realize that neither party owns us or cares about us. We are not looking for a government hand out, we are not owned by the Beast. It is time for all denominations of Christianity to come together, Protestant, Mormon, Catholic, and Evangelical. We all serve one Savior; whether you call him Yeshua or Jesus we must stand together or divided we shall fall.

Christians need to bond together and voice our concerns and vote! We can take back America with Gods heart. It can be done by simply talking to your friends, sharing your values and concerns in your community and talking to your family. Do the math, 80% of this country says they are Christians, but it takes a single heart and a fed- up soul to push forward.

Ask yourself, who will defend Christian in mid- east and who will defend the Amish? It will not be our government… It is us, The army of God, Protecting our way of life..

We can’t allow any more of our country to be lost! The time to unite is now but if we continue to separate ourselves by political party it will never happen. God has called us to unite as one body, one mind, and one spirit so that means it is time to come together as one party.

What do we stand for? A better question is what do you stand for? And better yet what are you leaving your kids and grandkids? We are not asking for money and if anyone from this group asks they are not of us. We are not raising money; we are raising awareness to take back our America. We are saying no to Islam, we are saying no to Muslims, and no to a tyrannical government takeover. We do not have a leader at this moment but we know that there are some out there just waiting for Christians to come together. You ask what we believe in. First we believe that we are ambassadors of Christ, and as ambassadors it is our responsibility to represent God in this nation and in this world; and we don’t mean by going to church and loving thy neighbor, we mean by standing up for His values, His ways, and His word, and not allowing these things to be stripped from us or our nation. We believe in small government, states’ rights, taking the UN off of American soil, the Constitution, borders and legal immigration, stripping government agencies of their power. We believe in making America strong again financially and militarily by cutting spending, getting rid of unnecessary government programs and entities and by getting the government out of your businesses and out of your lives. We believe that no money or aid should go to any country that hates us. We believe in bringing God, prayer and the Bible back into our schools and into our government. We believe in removing the governments hand from the church and in removing the governments control on Marriage and our Birth Certificates.

This statement is not finished; it is just here to let you know what and who we are. We are looking for fellow Christians all around the world and of all nationalities far and wide to come together with us so God can save our country, just as the pilgrims left Europe to come here for their religious freedom, dedicating America as Gods Country, we leave the political parties of today in order to restore America as Gods Country. Make no mistake this is a Crusade to move America into all it should be under God.






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