What is pushing Christian’s youth into arms of Islam?

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This show is not meant to shame or embarrass Christian leaders or their ministries, it is meant to move them from their lukewarm waters which are destroying God’s people and the rest of the world. The originator of this list went through his time in which he ignorantly terrorized many people with the hideous and evil teaching. For years, ministries have terrorized family, friends and anyone who would listen. We do not teach love and forgiveness just you will burn in hell forever…

What is your concept of God? What is your concept of Jesus?

“Vomit alone in my apartment, certain I was elected for damnation by a cruel God who would laugh at me hysterically while I was ripped apart, eaten, fried, raped, and in every other imaginable way, tortured in hell”? He writes further, “I had long seriously considered killing myself in order to get out from under the emotional oppression and desperation of thoughts of my own damnation. The fear drove me to the point of complete insanity. I blew a solid three years of my youth (21-23) continuously contemplating my damnation and meanwhile lost friends, burdened family members, and drove my girlfriend away. I have yet to regain even a slight measure of what I lost. I was downing antidepressants and curling up in fetal position most nights bawling and praying that God would have mercy on me and unhardened my heart so that I might actually be granted faith in Him, instead of Him willing me into reprobation and, therefore, everlasting, merciless torment and pure insanity in hell. Even now my walk with God is weak.”

Is this why Youth is leaving?

According to the young man who wrote the above, it was ministers preaching a God of love who brought him to the state of wanting to die. This God he was taught supposed loved everybody and yet was going to endlessly punish most of those He created who had not said the right words or didn’t mean them or didn’t do the right deeds like tithe or go to church or who did the wrong deeds like have sex out of marriage or who joined the wrong church, or believed in the wrong kind of Jesus – this kind of preaching which one hears from hundreds of thousands of churches around the world is what drove this young man to wanting to die. But he was too afraid to die because of the horrible fate he was certain awaited him. This poor young man was terrorized!

It is not only Islam fault they are doing what they came to do “take”…  We as the church must take some responsibility pushing people away with our messages and coldness…

The majority of the early believers and church leaders did not teach Hell, they taught, “apokatastasis,” that is, the “restoration of all things.” (Acts 3:21)

What are we teaching?

The conversion of Christians in Europe and the United States to Islam has become a matter of debate in some Western countries. Muslim scholars have called on immigrant Muslims to become involved in summoning non-Muslims to their faith. Indeed, the call on Muslim migrants to proselytize has become central in contemporary Islamic writings, not only in books, but also in sermons—many online on YouTube—and others on DVDs, and Islamic websites. The strategies that the global Islamic media uses to promote conversion of Christians to Islam illustrate both the perceptions of Islamists and can expose themes to defend and promote in cultural and public diplomacy.

Exact data on the number of converts to Islam in the West is incomplete because conversions are not always recorded. While the data do not suggest a massive wave of new believers, there are enough to matter. In Germany, statisticians estimated that several thousand Christians convert to Islam every year.[2] In Spain, the number of converts reached around 20,000 in 2006,[3] and in the United Kingdom, perhaps 14,000 had converted by 2006.[4] In the United States, perhaps 20,000 to 25,000 people a year convert to Islam. The number of converts significantly increased in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attack, although it is not yet certain that the conversion surge in the United States has continued.



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