Operation Eggle team had Militias and Patriots

Tuesday March 17, 2015 at 5:00pm PST…  call-in at (347) 826-7353

Our operation was named after Chris Eggle, a National Park Law Enforcement Officer who gave his life protecting our great country. In March of 2015 a group of Men gathered together to continue defending and protecting this great country in his Honor. Men from the east cost to the west coast to the central part of America came together for one cause, Protect America.

The Team hit the trails and mountains hard! We flushed out an area of approximately 8 ROUGH DESERT MILES, and rid it of drug and human trafficking. Our team initiated no less than 3 foot pursuits with cartel, and did a search for additional the last two nights. The area that we hit enabled us to push the cartel straight into Border Patrol, which affected directly the apprehension of at least 57 total individuals, 23 of which were drug mules, 30 illegal aliens, and at least 798 pounds of narcotics. For our team this operation was a success, but more importantly, for the men and women of this country this was an opportunity to show Americans what is possible if we just stop talking and start acting. We could run these operations all year round if enough people would walk the walk and back up the talk. I love my country and am proud to say that I did something to actually protect it, and I urge every man and woman to stand and do the same.


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