Christian Lives Matter

What leader is standing up for Christians? None… What pastor is speaking about the killing, raping, beheading of woman and children? None! Where is the news media when 2,000 Christian are killed? They said black lives matter but if they are Christian not so much… When do you started caring?

American Christians, less crass than culpably indifferent, insist it’s up to the legal and political authorities in the affected countries do something about persecution. But this turns a blind eye to the unhappy fact that in most of the 87 nations where Christians are a minority, persecution of them is sanctioned and even encouraged by lawmakers and judges.

The plight of believers gets little attention on the global stage, leaving many Christians throughout North America unaware, and therefore, indifferent to what’s going on in the body of Christ. Mention persecution, and eyes glaze over.

Despite all these atrocities, exoduses, and even genocides, the mainstream media seems to spend every available moment airing images of displaced Palestinians and demonizing Israel for trying to defend itself. Yet Israel does not kill Palestinians because of their religion or any other personal aspects. It does so in the context of being rocketed and trying to defend itself from terrorism.

On the other hand, all the crimes being committed by Muslims against Christians are simply motivated by religious hate, because the Christians are Christian.

It is to the mainstream media’s great shame that those who slaughter, behead, crucify, and displace people for no other reason than because they are Christian, rarely if ever get media coverage, while a nation such as Israel, which kills only in the context of self-defense, and not out of religious bigotry, is constantly demonized

A 15 year old Helsingborg boy was sentenced for having assaulted and threatening another boy because of his blue eye color.

According to the district court, the 15 year old asked a Swedish boy about his blue eye color. When the Swede answered the other boy, for reasons unknown, took this as a provocation and attacked him, stating ‘Are your trying to be tough?’ before striking him repeatedly.

Two other witnesses observed the assault and stated the boy continued to assault his victim and threaten him during a school break. The 15 year old was convicted of the threats and beating and received a fine.

The 15 year old stated that he was misunderstood as his first language is Arabic.

The case was dismissed as being classified as a ‘hate-crime’

You’re A Christian=No Job

When ICC Representatives took an ICC staff to visit Happiness and Peace in their home in Central Asia last year, we instantly loved them. Their joy was infectious! One of the ways they suffered persecution was the inability to find work. Because they are Christians, no one would hire them. Peace said, “I cannot find any work, because no one will give me any work. My husband also is looking for work. He has a job as a watchman, but it does not pay well, only $25 per month. My oldest son is married, and he is a Christian and is also persecuted for his faith in Jesus. He cannot find a job, because when he asks for work, the people say, “No, you are a Christian, you will not work.” All of our relatives are Muslims, and they reject us too.” So, ICC stepped in and purchased them 10 lambs. These lambs give them an income and the ability to not only is self-sufficient, but the lambs also give them standing in the community. Something that they plan to use as a tool to share the love and joy of Jesus.

A Boy and His Cow

Christians in Central Asia regularly experience persecution, especially in remote villages. Jamat lives with his grandmother in one of these villages. They go to a very small house church, and since there are not a lot of Christians in their village (and they are not afraid of letting people know that they are Believers), they experience persecution. Jamat is teased at school by other children who say his family is full of “betrayers” for becoming Christians. His grandmother is unable to find work; no one wants to hire or associate with a Christian. When ICC’s Representatives told us about Jamat and his grandmother we knew we wanted to help. They felt that a milking cow would be the perfect fit for them. They could both take care of the cow and both sell and use the milk. This has created a sustainable business, as well as a new friend for Jamat!

NEWS | Iraqi Christians Say There’s No Going Home After Rise Of Islamic State

“No, we will never go back,” an engineer from Mosul told a reporters in Amman, Jordan where he and his family have fled. The rise of the jihadist militant group ISIS has driven more than 100,000 Christians out of their homes. Many of the Christians have lost hope in ever being able to return to their homeland, the place where their families have lived for centuries.

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