The CIA… The Mad Scientist – Psychotic Branch of the Intelligence Services.

The CIA… The Mad Scientist – Psychotic Branch of the Intelligence Services.

What is the CIA. WHO are they? What is their ultimate function? How are they funded? Who was behind it’s creation?  WHY are they being used against Americans?

The CIA was never chartered for domestic work against US citizens, but documents that were released prove they not only have operated on American shores, they have covertly been experimenting on unwitting US and Canadian citizens for decades. They have committed heinous crimes both domestically and abroad. They are responsible for nearly every war we have seen on this planet for the last 60 years.  They are funded to a very large degree, through the drug trade, and weapons from small arms to military weaponry.  They excel in the “Art of Deception”, and behind false flag ops.  They are responsible for buying out all the so called journalists, news stations, and other news outlets, who all simply hand out the news they are handed. They are actively behind a lot of television programming, even handing out scripts to such shows as the x files.  They have murdered journalists who try to go on to expose them, and those agencies and joint special task forces working with the CIA. They set up the Al Sharptons, the Oliver North’s, the Jesse Jackson’s, and the Shawn Hannity’s, and they divide, brew more unrest, and even set their people in demonstrations to turn them to hateful riots.  They ARE the masters of evil.–psychotic-branch-of-the-intelligence-services

Eric Jewell is formerly 193rd Military Intelligence, Ft Clayton Panama. He now works actively, developing civilian counter intelligence operations, operating LEGALLY, exposing to the public the massive propaganda campaigns going on around us that have put us into a literal Matrix. You can reach him to find out more at, or t their message board here, where he is known as “Wolfbitn”: . Or contact him at

For answers to all these questions and for all the REAL and DOCUMENTED dirty little details, tune into this program.

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