Reverse racism, murder, rape and kidnapping in post Apartheid South Africa

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1.a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
2.a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3.hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Reverse racism is a condition in which discrimination against a dominant racial group in a society has taken place.

These figures are from 10 years ago. They are far, far worse today.

10 Years After Apartheid, South Africa in a Crisis
Ten years after Apartheid (1994-2004): The Raw Facts

Here are the things you will never see in the major news media regarding post-apartheid South Africa:

# In 10 years 1+ million South Africans, mostly blacks, lost their jobs due to the ANC’s creeping socialism.

# Unemployment is at a staggering 45%+ – much worse than under white rule & worse than the 30% unemployment in the USA during the Great Depression.

# 1 million whites stand to lose their jobs in the coming years to Affirmative Action programs.

# 1,450+ White commercial farmers have been murdered by black thugs and our food production is being threatened by “Land Reform”.

# They say that by 2014, 30% of commercial farmland now owned by Whites will be owned by Blacks (though I think it will happen much sooner & on a much bigger scale).

# 115,000 land claims by Blacks have been processed so far – and millions of hectares of land have been handed over to them.

# There are farms in South Africa, which were prosperous when run by Whites, that were handed over to Blacks. These farms then collapsed after 2 years of black management and are now derelict.

# South Africa is the rape capital of the world… it is conservatively estimated that we have 50,000 rapes per year.

# 21,500 children were raped in 2000.

# 40% of rape survivors are under 18.

# 1,231 children under 5 were raped in 13 months by blacks believing in AIDS myths. Many babies who are raped die.

# South Africa is now an international drug-smuggling route, comparable to Colombia.

# We export cannabis grown overwhelmingly by Blacks.

# 150-200 policemen are shot dead annually by violent criminals.

# Our police have the highest suicide rate in the world.

# Our society is 7 times more violent (per capita) than the USA

# Crime is so high the government put a moratorium on the release of crime statistics for a year and fudged them ever since.

# The Democratic Alliance (conservatively) estimates there are 300,000 robberies per year

# South African prisons are often filled to capacity (170,000+) and then thousands are let go, sometimes without being charged.

# In January 2004, it was reported that some of the prisons are 300% over capacity.

# In March 2004, it was reported that the prison population was 180,000.

# Mandela’s “Birthday Present” to the country (yes they used those words), was to release 9,000 criminals.

# Murderers have been “forgiven” by our Presidents, only to murder again.

# On 3rd March 2004, on SABC TV3 News it was announced that to “Celebrate Ten Years of Democracy” they might let thousands of prisoners go free.

# More prisons have been built after apartheid but even that is not enough to cope with the crime wave.

# More blacks are in our prisons after apartheid than before. (They no longer fear the Police).

# The ANC LOVES criminals. They gave them the vote! It was announced that over 100,000 prisoners would be registered & allowed to vote

# We had 10 years of peace, with no international sanctions and yet, the much-awaited boom never came along.

# Our socialist economy dribbles along. GDP growth is estimated at 1.3% per annum which compares weakly with (sometimes) double digit growth rates under white rule.

# In the Johannesburg (Gauteng) area, 80% of self-help schemes for Blacks have failed since 1994.

# Let there be no illusions where the ANC wants to take us. They support & give money to: Zimbabwe, Haiti & DRC (Zaire) who are ruled by socialist dictators who suppress even the Blacks!

# In the April 2004 election the ANC finally attained its goal of getting 66% vote. This means they can change the constitution at will and no other political party can stop them.

# This is what Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was able to do before he took 95% of the land from 4,500 white farmers.

# Now that we are officially, and legally the latest One Party State in Africa, we will walk the path of others like Zimbabwe where eventually nobody, not even the Blacks, have any freedom any more…

# South Africa’s economy, employment & crime rates were better when the world hated us.


[Crime is absolutely out of control in South Africa and even worse than has been reported. The statistics are mind-boggling. The South African murder rate is ten times that of the US. And what’s worse, not only do most crimes go unreported, but most of what does get reported is never solved.]

South Africa’s Murder Rate Far Worse than Reported

“Victims’ surveys have consistently uncovered between 60% and
70% more crime than reported by official sources. Upwards of
50% of crime in many serious categories goes unreported.”

[White separatist community experiences rapid growth as Blacks continue their destruction of South Africa.]

White separatism on the rise in South Africa

“An Afrikaner enclave on the edge of a desert is being flooded
with applications from whites disillusioned with South Africa’s
black government. Now, due to fear that South Africa will follow
Zimbabwe into political and racial turmoil, Orania is beginning
to fill up.”

[Ah, “racial diversity”…ain’t it great???

2001: The USA had 16,110 murders – South Africa had 21,108

2001: Population of USA: 282 million – South Africa: only 44 million]

SA twice as deadly as the US

Cape Town – Government’s claim that South Africa was not a crime capital and compared favourably with the rest of the world is refuted by US crime figures, says official opposition chief whip Douglas Gibson.

In a statement on Monday, Gibson said in 2002 it was reported by The Economist that the US had 16,110 murders but in South Africa in 2001 – the most recent available figures – there were 21,108 murders.

With figures released as a result of DA action taken in terms of access to information legislation, it was found in 2000 that the previous year there had been 21,995 reported cases of murder, of which 10,696 had been referred to court. A total of 4,007 convictions were reported in that year.

Gibson noted that the US population was more than six times that of South Africa.,,2_1410111,00.html

What is “muti” medicine and how does it relate to muti murders?

In Africa, the word “muti” is a Zulu word meaning “medicine” – but not medicinein the sense that the modern world is accustomed to. In Africa, particularly south Africa, medicine is manufactured using “traditional” means. Healers, or witch doctors, grind up human body parts (body parts from children are considered especially desirable) and combine them with roots, herbs, seawater, and animal body parts to prepare potions and spells for their clients. The resulting medicine can be rubbed on the skin, into open wounds, or ingested per the witch doctor’s instructions.

Citizens countries outside of South Africa will find the belief in muti medicine and witch doctors difficult to fathom. The Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling explained the underlying belief system of muti:

“In traditional African beliefs, it is assumed that there is only a certain amount of luck in society. Each individual receives a portion of that luck. It is therefore believed that if another person is successful, then they have obtained an extra portion of luck via devious means, usually with the intervention of the supernatural.
Setbacks or calamities, such as drought or illness, are signs that the natural and social order have been disturbed. One means of obtaining this extra portion of luck or restoring the natural order is through the use of strong muti. It is with this strong muti that muti murders are often associated. Muti made from human body parts is considered to be exceptionally powerful.”

The paper went on to explain the perceived value of various body parts in muti medicine.

“Just as different ingredients in a recipe are used for different purposes, certain body parts are used for particular goals. For example, eyes may be stolen and used in a magic ritual to help restore a client’s failing eyesight, whereas severed hands are used to assure business success, and genitals are believed to attract luck.”

Body parts taken from live victims are considered to be the most powerful because it is believed that the agonized screams of the victims, before they succumb to shock, makes the muti more potent. And yes, many times the victim dies during the extraction of the required body parts. Given their requirements, muti murders are particularly brutal, with knives, machetes, sharp rocks, or glass shards used to cut and hack off limbs, breasts and other body parts from their victims. For some reason unbeknownest to foreigners, muti murder victims are typically murdered close to rivers or other bodies of water.

AIDS ‘Virgin’ Myth Drives
South Africa’s Hideous
Child-Rape Epidemic
By Sue Thomas
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – South Africa is in shock over a surge in the rape of children and even babies, fueled by a myth that sex with a virgin will protect a man against AIDS, activists said on Monday.

When six men appeared in court in the Northern Cape town of Upington for the rape of a nine-month-old girl on Monday, some 3,000 protesters demonstrated outside demanding the reinstatement of the death penalty for the alleged attackers.

“South Africa has reached a new low…it’s one case of many,” said Kelly Hatfield, director of a group called People Opposed to Women Abuse (POWA).

“A lot of it is to do with the myth that a man will be cured of AIDS by having sex with a virgin, and how much more virginal can you get than a baby?”

Instead of decreasing with more AIDS education, the myth had taken hold in South African society, she said.

South Africa already has the world’s highest incidence of rape.

Three days before the nine-month-old was attacked last week, a three-year-old was raped, allegedly by her grandfather. In the same week a 14-month-old was assaulted by her two uncles.

Police statistics reveal that 21,000 cases of child rape or assault were reported in the past year. Most were committed by male relatives of the victims.

With one in nine South Africans living with HIV-AIDS, sexual assault was often a death sentence for the victim, said Glenys van Halter of South Africa Stop Child Abuse.

One of the nine-month-old’s attackers was believed to have the virus, said van Halter, who visited the victim’s family.

Van Halter said that while the AIDS myth was fueling the increase in child abuse, unemployment, poverty and alcoholism also played a big part.

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