Buy one brick and save South Africa child from death

In a country where minorities form 10% of the population, it’s astounding that more than 1 million are living in crippling poverty as a result of governments Employment Equity Act, which effectively excludes them from obtaining employment, and the ability to provide for their families. Children are malnourished and sick, the parents dehumanized and desperate. They live in tents and makeshift structures, battling winds, rain, hail and heat in unhygienic circumstances, without water, or ablution facilities in most cases, and reliant on the community to provide meals and clothing. In a lot of instances, meals are days apart, survival is a losing battle, this is totally unacceptable!

We have 3 farms available, and we are attempting to raise funds to build homes for our people. The farms are self-sustaining, with the exception of certain items, and can expand to provide for more people. We plan to house, feed and employ them; give them back their self-respect and dignity. A skills based program has been implemented and will be run by Adriaan Hattingh. Those not wanting to relocate can be trained and placed in jobs.

The farms are situated in;
Pretoria 30 hectares of prime land, with Eskom, certified fountain water and irrigation, a haven in the city (Steven Rossouw), between Aliwal-North and Queenstown 1200 hectares, with Eskom, water, irrigation, outbuildings (being converted into suitable accommodation) caves with bushman drawings , and a large dam in a beautiful, tranquil, secluded setting, (Tienie Henning) And Zeerust, 17 ha with water, irrigation, a river and trees, idyllic (Adriaan Hattingh). These farmers have opened their hearts and homes to change circumstances for our people, but they can’t do it alone, we need donations, we need you.

Our vision is simple, build homes, teach people skills to empower them, and promote good work ethics for our people. We as a caring generation, have to preserve not only our heritage and culture, but ensure that it lives on in future generations. We are appealing to all farmers and citizens of the world to join our cause, let’s join hands and save a nation, before it’s too late. We cannot afford to wait another day, their lives are at risk.

All donations will be acknowledged and posted on the page, all beneficiaries will be made public and all funds accounted for on monthly balance sheets and bank statements. All members will be entitled to request an audit should they feel any discrepancies are taking place at any time. We will be open, honest and transparent at all times.

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