Do you recognize Tyranny as it surrounds you and your family?

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This very serious question is being asked by no one on the political landscape. There are pockets of citizens and occasionally elected officials who talk about Tyranny in general. Almost no one talks about Tyranny all around us in the form of elected representatives – judges – government agencies etc.
I maintain and I think you will see this fact as we travel together from our current situation as a country to the country ruled over by the King of England. Are there any similarities between these very distant times? Indeed there are and as you’ll see today we are ruled over ( notice I said ruled over ) by people that would make King George lll green with envy.
In fact King George must be rolling in his grave to think of the price he and mother England paid for the transgressions noted by our founders compared to today’s rulers transgressions. I use the term rulers rather than representatives for a reason. “We the People” are supposed to be in charge of our government. Do you feel or think you are in charge of the government? I’ll answer for you without ever meeting you – No!

A couple hundred years ago the people referred to as colonists would have answers the same question – No! Fellow American it is not supposed to be this way. We are supposed to be the land of the free with liberty. People like that would never answer no to my question. Much of what you feel is wrong is indeed wrong but it started before you were born – it’s all you’ve ever known.
You have been deprived of your history and foundation by design. If you don’t fully understand American Exceptionalism you would have nothing as a reference for freedom(s). During the turmoil prior to our revolution people stood in danger to be sure the people had facts of what England foisted upon them. Who took on this assignment?
To a large extent the clergy of every religion in the land took on the job of keeping people informed. They put themselves in peril doing so but still they did the job. They eventually became the “Black Robe Regiment or Brigade. The role they played was as or more important then the papers – leaders – soldiers of the day. They provided the reference for freedom(s) then – so lacking today.

Without as What if the Black Robe Brigade had never formed in the Colonies? Would we have won our revolution? A better question is can we get our constitution restored without a modern day Black Robe Brigade? I think without them we will have a much harder time of it. It will be left to the ruling class and the ruling classes media to provide us with facts about American Exceptionalism as a reference for freedom(s).

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