Sisak children’s concentration camp

slika-5The camp was located in several buildings in the city : in former Yugoslav Falconry Association building (so called Sokolana) , in the nunnery of the (Roman Catholic) Sisters of St . Vincent , saltwork Rice warehouse , Guci building , in the elementary school in New Sisak and in so called Quarantena in one of six concentration camp barracks . All these buildings were utterly unsuitable for the housing of children . For example in the Falconry associaltion there were no doors; it was drafty because the whole construction was set up for drying the salt

In the town of Sisak, situated near the town of Jasenovac, Ustaše presence was vigilant. Early in 1942, The local synagogue was robbed utterly, and the building later housed a worker’s hall. The settlers of Sisak were quickly brought to Ustaše attention, and those of them that were of Serbian or Jewish kinship were tormented. One example is Miloš Teslić, a Serbian philanthropist, who was tortured gravely: his eyes were cut out, his arms were sawn off, all while his chest was being burned with a hot iron and his heart cut out.

The camp held more than 6600 Serbian, Jewish and Roma children throughout World War II. The children, aged between 3 and 16, were housed in abandoned stables, ridden with filth and pests. Malnutrition and dysentery seriously impaired the children’s health. They were fed daily with a portion of thin gruel and treated horribly by the Ustaše guards. “Witnesses recount seeing an Ustasha soldier pick up a child by the legs and smash its head against a wall until it was dead, …” The Red-Cross noticed the existence of the camp, and even tried to be of use and aid to the children, subsequently obtaining the release of some children, while others were poisoned with caustic soda later on. It is estimated that the death count was nearly 4,000.

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