American Journalists: The truth about Kosovo? KLA kidnapped Serbs and takes their organs! (video)

American journalists Michael Montgomery and Stephen Smith, traveled to the Balkans to explore the post-war situation in Kosovo. Their research report themselves to light evidence suggesting an association between the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and the crime groups that plagued the black market. This evidence suggests that the end of war does not necessarily mean the end of war crimes.

We came to Kosovo after the war, focusing on one village where a militia committed a horrible massacre. But what we found on the road just a month after the war is that the crime was not the end. When NATO drove Serbian troops and ethnic Albanians returned to Kosovo, war crimes after the termination of the war were continued, and they have done Albanians. Serbs are simply disappearing – said Montgomery.

The biggest impression on Americans left the mysterious disappearance of Serbs. In their experience, it was logical that the reasons for the kidnapping actually a material nature. What surprised them was that of the missing Serbs, no one has ever asked for compensation. They just disappeared.

However, as pointed out by Montgomery, the mystery begins only with the knowledge that the kidnapped Serbs transported to Albania, in the order that they do not harm a single hair from his head

In Albania, they are welcomed by doctors, a medical examination after only a few are selected, taken to another location, killed and turned into a commodity for sale. Their bodies were sold for good money.

We wanted to find evidence that such things happen, but we could not just dig graves in Albania and looking for dead bodies, so we went to the UN, hoping that their information we have collected will be useful – said Montgomery.

However, all suspicious evidence that in certain operations happen Albanian house removing organs were later destroyed.

Prištinska TV: No evidence of organ trafficking in Kosovo

Prištinska television Kljan Kosovo announced that a special investigation team headed by U.S. prosecutor Clint Williamson found no evidence of organ trafficking in Kosovo during the war in 1999. Was.

This report, as TV Kljan claims to be released in two months and it will be discarded states of the Council of Europe Special Rapporteur Dick Marty. Prištinska television appears to be indicted for the 12 individual cases of war crimes.

Report on the results of the investigation, which was scheduled to be published in June, has been postponed for two months, reports TV Kljan Kosovo, citing well-informed sources.

According to international sources Williamson will leave after presenting the report of the Head of the Special Team. It also replaces U.S. prosecutor to investigate 12 cases of war crimes on which the team led by Williamson found no evidence that occurred after June 12, 1999.

According to the TV Kljan Kosovo is not about individual crimes for which there is no organized crime group. Indictment of these 12 cases will be filed by the end of this year.

A spokesman for the prosecutor Williamson Joao Souza told Beta news agency that he could not comment on the investigation, which is ongoing as of media speculation. We do not want to prejudge the outcome of the investigation, the results will be published, said Souza.

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