Dan Gray, former Progressive speak out

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He saw the light, turned from the dark side over decades to become a Constitutionalist?

Year by year, issue after issue tore at his soul; tormenting him with the evil he had done, willingly and unwittingly. The lessons in our Constitution and Bill of Rights were brought home to him. Unable to ignore injustices, he could no longer abide “Progress”.

Finally giving up privacy, his recent actions on behalf of Liberty have taken him from Shop Steward to successfully suing SEIU in Federal Court, to becoming a published writer in national venues including a former column in The Washington Times, to speaking on behalf of Patriot groups of every sort.

All but two of his family that remained in Europe were wiped out by the Holocaust. They refused to believe that it could happen there. But it did, and many times since. Now, America marches blindly “Forward” on the path to the dark night of Statist tyranny. Wake to the dangers, before it is too late!

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