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“Indigenous” [antithesis]

The meaning of ‘indigenous power’ instilled into the minds of those targeted for signatures is basically the concept of the power that the people should have over their ‘servants’ in a republican form of government.

The people are deceived into believing they are declaring themselves as full members of the ‘sovereign’ entity called “these free and independent united States of America.” What they are actually declaring is that they are full members of “indigenous” peoples in “settlements” that are in specific counties and “local to” specific states.

These ‘terms’ are immediately recognizable by the court as a declaration of legal standing virtually identical with that held by Native American tribes – who hold their “Sovereign Rights” “by Indigenous Power”.

Native Americans hold the title of their lands as a “mere possession not specifically recognized as ownership and may be extinguished by federal government at any time” (Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th ed. 3- under “Indian Title”)

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