Obamagate: Nation of Islam Leader, Louis Farrakhan, appears to call for a “race war”, saying that the death of Trayvon Martin is “The Nail in the Coffin of White Supremacy”.

Farrakhan calls for “rebellion against these tyrants”, saying “we have to understand that our time has come”.

I pray that those who are endeared towards Farrakhan will use better judgment and shall not allow emotional bosh and misguided resentments to cause them to make rash decisions that will lead only to more unnecessary lost of life.

This call of Louis Farrakhan is irresponsible, for he knows that he is looked upon as a hero by millions of young Black males in particular. Whether I like that fact, it is fact indeed.

I do not attack Farrakhan personally, but I do attack these ideas and concepts of his as contrary to all that is righteous, logical and sound.

If it is “our time’, it is “our time” to self evaluate in light of God’s Word and humble ourselves before God, both Black and White, along with all others, begging God for His forgiveness and healing hand to come over all of us.

We don’t need separation from “races”, but we need separation from the hate agenda of anyone, including Farrakhan, who would promote division and war rather than unity and reconciliation.

It is okay to ask for improvements in the justice system, but it is not okay to promote injustice in the process.

Shame on Louis Farrakhan for this video.


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