Ukraine opposition vows to maintain protests, PM calls to end violence

Meanwhile the conflict is waged not only in the streets, but in the national parliament as well. After MPs voted on Tuesday against a no confidence bill, which would dismiss Azarov’s government, opposition factions are blocking the work of the legislature.


“Our key demands to the parliament are the dismissal of the government and an end to political repressions, the liberation of Yulia Tymoshenko,” Arseny Yatsenyuk, leader of the Batkovshchina parliamentary party said on Wednesday.

In addition to the former prime minister and top rival of Ukraine’s President Victor Yanukovich, the opposition wants to free the nine protesters, who had been arrested on Tuesday by a Kiev court.

The activists face terms of up to eight years for organizing the rioting on Sunday, when protesting crowds clashed with police and stormed several administrative buildings in Kiev, including the mayor’s office, a unions headquarters and a large cultural center. Throughout the city 190 protesters and 140 security troops were injured in the scuffles


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