Ads Use Casual Sex, Drinking to Promote ObamaCare to Young People

A similar ad shows two young people dressed for a night out, with the man thinking: “Hey girl, you’re excited about easy access to birth control, and I’m excited about getting to know you.” Both ads end with the line, “Thanks Obamacare,” and a referral to the website,, which features an entire array of similar ads, along with the lead-in text: “Thanks to Obamacare, Colorado has a new online insurance marketplace called ‘Connect for Health Colorado.’ This new marketplace is where you can easily compare health insurance plans, find financial assistance that could help you purchase coverage, and get the plan that’s right for you.”

The obvious intent of the ad campaign is to attract young people not inclined to consider the ramifications of the impending disaster of the federally mandated “affordable” healthcare. Critics say that among other problems, the ads variously demean women and promote irresponsible behavior such as alcohol abuse and casual sex


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