Hawaii’s Kaua’i County Passed Bill in Support of the People’s “Right to Know” About Pesticide and GMO Seeds Used in Their Community

In the introduction of the bill, Hooser states, “The County of Kaua’i has limited infrastructure, and residents have no choice but to live, work, and commute daily in close proximity to areas where genetically modified organisms are developed, and where there is regular application of restricted use pesticides and general use pesticides.”

The passage of the bill means that any farmer who uses in excess of five pounds or 15 gallons of restricted use pesticides or any experimental pesticides within one calendar year must report to the county on their activities. Farmers are also prohibited from using any pesticides within 500 feet of any school, hospital, public roadway, residential area, stream, river, or shoreline. The bill also calls for any experimental pesticide to use be tested strictly in an enclosed area and not in the open air.



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