American Chemical Society embraces plant-based polyphenols as powerful nutrients for preventing disease, boosting longevity

Polyphenols are found in over 450 foods, including many fruits and vegetables, spices, dried herbs, nuts and cocoa products. Many are considered superfoods. Cloves and peppermint top the list, with blueberries, oregano, dark chocolate, olives, pecans and flaxseed meal in the top 25.

Noting “a range of possible health benefits,” ACS set out to cover a dozen polyphenol-related topics. Research presented at the symposium covered the polyphenol gamut. Scientists found that polyphenols are not just anti-inflammatory but could also help prevent cancer from forming; pterostilbene, (a polyphenol in blueberries and grapes) alleviated neurological conditions such as anxiety disorder; healthy gut flora is necessary to aid absorption and properly metabolize polyphenols to get the most health benefit; and black tea theaflavins even extended the overall lifespan of fruit flies.

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