Not a Peep from Obama: Violent Crime Reaches 42-Year Low

President Obama had nothing to do with the decrease in crime, of course. But you would think he’d be happy to take credit for it. It’s not like he has much else to show for himself lately. However, as the Washington Times’ Emily Miller pointed out on Wednesday, Obama hasn’t said a word about it.

“Not once has the president remarked on these numbers. Neither has [anti-gun] New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg,” Miller wrote. ”The liberal media pretend the statistics are written in invisible ink. Why the blackout? Because all violent crime–including gun homicide–has gone down over the last 20 years. The gun murder rate has gone from 6.62 per 100,000 inhabitants in 1993 to 3.27 in 2012, a decline of more than 50 percent.”


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