WWJD? Family Robs Church Then Has Yard Sale

Acting on an anonymous tip, which assumingly came from a person who knew that hell was hot, the police arrived at the heathen’s home (a few streets from the church) and immediately noticed several speakers, a CD player, and other electronics on the front lawn.

The police stated that the daughter (Olivia Jones) was once jailed on unrelated charges stemming from a traffic violation. Her incarceration occurred between the two church burglary incidents, and her mother, father, along with another heathen, identified only as Beaux, sold several of the stolen items from the first burglary for Olivia’s bail.

Read more: http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/09/wwjd-family-robs-church-yard-sale/#ixzz2gKruEGFz


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