Merkel’s party wins German election with 41.5%, no absolute majority

Merkel secured herself a third term and led the conservatives to their best result in more than 20 years. However, the CDU’s junior coalition allies – the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) – received only 4.8 percent, which is below the five percent threshold required to gain a seat in parliament.

Germany’s Left party, which aims for democratic socialism, came in third with 8.6 percent, while the Greens got 8.4 percent. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which campaigned on eurosceptic fears about the cost of eurozone bailouts, came in with 4.7 percent. The Pirate party, advocating for internet freedom and copyright law reform, ended up with 2.2 percent and the far-right nationalist NDP party received 1.3 percent. All other parties received a collective 2.7 percent of the votes.


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