Tyranny Rising: End Game of Obama Dictatorship, Part III


On the Foreign Front


With his new and yet to be fully realized Syrian adventure (the “Sunni conversion” in Egypt and Libya was already “in the can” for Obama… until the people of Egypt rebelled against it) Obama must continue to work toward toppling Ba’athist leader and Shiite Muslim Bashar Assad and replacing him with an MB operative; no matter what he has to do, to accomplish it. As each day passes and Obama becomes bolder in his foreign policy insanity, his actual personal membership in the Muslim Brotherhood seem increasingly obvious. Yet, those who know it in the media and Congress refuse to allow any of its members to speak the truth that is directly in front of them. And, with his favorable numbers on the wane in a distinct downward slide, the Obama syndicate must work even more quickly to establish its police state and subjugate the population of the former United States of America.



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